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  • I am a full time realtor supported by Russ Lyon Realty
    Company ,doing excellent business in residential ,
    commercial ,rental & condomeniums.

  • I am an active member of National association of
    Realtors, Arizona association of realtors and east
    valley association of realtors.

  • Possessing education in business administration ,
    information technology, and law allows me to meet the
    client   needs realistically,while maintaining the
    highest level of professionalism, dedication and

  • With eight years of international exports business,I
    came to real estate with true motive to serve the
    clients rather than earning money.

  • Iam also a software developer , developing desktop
    and websites using languages visual ASP.
    net, HTML, javascript, PHP, SQL& access. ...

  • My promise is to dedicate my time, patience and
    knowledge to each and every one of my clients and
    my mission is to provide with outstanding service.

  • For your real estate, soft ware or hard ware needs
    please call Peter Job @ 480 626 5571
Peter Job
Russ Lyon Realty Company, Southeast - SE Valley
Peter Job

Russ Lyon Realty
Company, Southeast
- SE Valley
(480) 813 4277

(480)626 5571

(480) 200 6897
(480)282 5770


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